Second Wedding Anniversary!

I have known this sweet couple for a long time! We met back when we all attended Texas Tech University, and I had the privilege to watch this couple grow together, become engaged, and eventually man and wife! So naturally I was THRILLED when Jordan asked me to take their anniversary pictures! 

I was a bit nervous because Jordan also happens to be a fellow photographer, so the pressure was on! Thankfully though, we had a blast and captured some great shots together! 

They live in Midland and we live in Houston, so we met half way in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas. It was so worth it! There is something gorgeous about the lush green, the fields of wild flowers, and the clear skies. We barely missed being soaked by all the storms, but luck was on our side!

I wish these two the happiest 2nd anniversary and I can't wait to shoot together again for their 3rd! Enjoy!